Mobile App-etite: How to Make an App People Love

Mobile apps are a bit like dating. There are millions of options out there, but only a few are worth it. If you have an iPhone, Android, or iPad you probably have 20+ apps on it right now – but how many do you really use? If you’re anything like me, you have an iPhone full of apps and weed out approximately 10 per month to make room for the new crop.

So how can a brand make an app that people are dying to download, and more importantly, keep!?

The answer is simple really, in fact you probably already know what it is. It’s that same strategy that you use to manage your business, and more specifically, your customers. The answer is to give people exactly what they want – no, what they can’t live without. Information and/or entertainment that they use and share.

Here’s a quick example of what many businesses do, but shouldn’t:

An accounting firm that sees that apps are the “next big thing” decides that they need to buy a seat on the gravy train. So they build an app that tells the world about their amazing services, has an easy to view interface and even has a nifty contact button for when you have an accounting emergency”. 

Now, I mean no disrespect if there are any accounting firms out there that have done this; but it is simply wrong to assume that you can build the next big thing without a little creativity and a lot of research.

So let’s take the same accounting firm and put a little thought into their app endeavor:

Said accounting firm has a second chance. This time they think of what the public really needs, and how a little ol’ accounting firm can improve their daily life. This time they build an app that helps small business owners manage their day to day finances. Their app allows them to enter in their yearly, monthly, and daily goals. It also allows them to enter in their actual daily number and remind them how far from or over their goal they are. They can track these numbers and export them into a nice, neat spreadsheet to send to their accountant for quarterly taxes. Also, just to give users a little icing on the cake, the app will also give them push notifications sent by the firm letting them know tips on how to keep their finances in line and plan for inventory emergencies, payroll, etc.

So you can see the difference, the first is basically an informational website that no one will use – mostly because they will just go to the website – while the second is something that small business owners can use for years to help manage cash flow and plan ahead.

Developing a mobile app can mean repeat business for small and large businesses, but only if it’s done correctly. Think about what people need, then build them a nimble app that can point them in the right direction – preferably in the direction of your company.

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