How To Beat Social Media Algorithms in 2020

Social media algorithms determine which content people see based on their interests and behavior online. As a marketer or business owner, if you want to gain attention online, you must know how social media algorithms work and what you can do to win a spot on your consumers’ news feeds.

Once a social media platform gets bigger, its algorithm is constantly evolving, too. Keeping up with these changes is very crucial, especially for businesses.

In 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the world’s largest social networking site will prioritize more meaningful interactions from friends and family. Meaning, there is less public content, including videos and other posts from brands and publishers.

A year after the update, Instagram also revealed the changes to its algorithm. The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing networking site said that what shows up in your feed is based on your activity. Your feed shows the posts from people you are interacting with more frequently. They also recognize your interests based on who you follow, profile visits, likes, and comments.

Technically, if a user is not engaging with your brand’s posts, your content will not be shown to their Instagram feeds. That’s why many brands have echoed their complaints as the Instagram algorithm change resulted in a decrease in their organic reach. So the question is, how can we beat Instagram and other social media platforms’ algorithm updates?

Businesses should consider the nosedive of their organic reach as a blessing in disguise

People are getting angry because Instagram’s organic reach is going down, but it’s a sign that maybe you have the wrong audience or you’re not putting out relatable content in the first place.

Find a more precise target audience. You need to have an idea of what your target market is looking for or what your product is designed for. Using the Insights tool of Instagram Analytics can help determine your audience demographics.


instagram analytics tool
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When it comes to content, take advantage of using Instagram features that you haven’t tried before. If you’re used to posting photos, why not share videos on IG TV for a change? Before, Amazon Prime Video only posts video content on their IG feed. But because Instagram limits video to 60 seconds long, they now use IG TV to post behind the scenes, interviews, and trailers about their movies and TV series.


amazon prime video instagram account


Don’t rely on a single platform to get your message out

If your business only uses one platform and you’re worried about how you can beat the Instagram algorithm change, it looks like it’s the right time to explore other channels to spread your content. The business landscape is always evolving and it’s important to reach out to various customers in different ways.

Aside from Instagram, the other key platforms in the industry that you should consider are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. You can also use the traditional mailing list. People might think that this is an old way to reach out, but it’s still effective because it lets you communicate directly with your audience. Email remains powerful when it comes to online marketing.

It’s also important to be less concerned about how perfect your content is. You should focus more on how much content you’re putting out on as many platforms as possible. I’m not saying that you need to be everywhere, but you need to identify where you can get the attention of your current audience. Whether you post only once or twice a day, you should identify what works for your target market. Once you get their pulse, you can now increase your posting frequency.

Strategize and figure out a system

You need to have a content strategy across social media and search platforms. Ride what the people want. Social media influencer marketing is one of the most popular strategies that different brands are using to gain more followers.

In 2013, General Electric (GE) used influencer marketing strategy and successfully launched the #GEInstaWalk campaign. It’s a real-time tour that aims to highlight GE’s other businesses including some of their most advanced jet engines, wind turbines, and locomotives. The company invited influencers and some fans to tour their manufacturing facilities and share their experiences online. The influencers took photos and upload what it’s like at the General Electric site. It’s like giving the audience an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. After the campaign, GE’s Instagram page garnered thousands of new followers.

Just take a look at the screenshot below…

General Electric use influencer marketing

Doing all of these can be overwhelming, but you need to change your mindset if you want to see your business grow fast. Relying on just one platform or one way to promote your brand is not enough.

Invest time and money in pushing out more content

Let’s say you’re doing all your best to create engaging blog posts, videos, and infographics. But you cannot gain a lot of social media traction if you will not invest. Whether it’s your time or money, you need to allocate resources to spread content and increase brand awareness.

To manage your content efficiently, you can use programs like Buffer, Sprout Social, or Hootsuite. These applications will help you manage and schedule content on all platforms. Social media management and optimization platform can also help you in analyzing engagements and understanding what the numbers mean.


social media management tools
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Don’t have enough time to do all these things? you can always hire a marketing agency to help you with your social media strategy and other content marketing needs.

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